Spymaster for the Choral Marches


CN Female Human Expert 2/Rogue 2

S: 9 D: 16 C: 12 I: 12 W: 12 Ch: 16

Suitable Appointments: Councilor, General, Grand Diplomat, High Priest, Magister, Marshal, Royal Enforcer, Spymaster

Preferred Appointments: Councilor, Grand Diplomat, Spymaster


Because she was orphaned at a young age, there is much Arabella does not know about her own parents, but she does remember some. She knows they were explorers, merchants, and alchemists, drawn to Daggermark because their skills were valuable there. Her father was Taldan, but it was her mother’s exotic Tian background that drew stares on the streets of the city. Unfortunately for young Arabella, a business arrangement her parents made went south and a contract was taken out on the couple with the Assassins Guild. Barely ten years old, Arabella was an orphan on the streets of Daggermark.

Her resourceful and well-learned parents gave her many tools for survival, however. Arabella survived on the streets any way she could, eventually capitalizing on her exotic half-Tian appearance to find employment in a highly successful brothel. There she learned to play the game of secrets and power and it may have been where Arabella’s story ended if she and a client had not also been targeted by the Assassins Guild at the hire of a spurned wife. Arabella survived the first attack that claimed her client’s life and she fled Daggermark immediately, never turning back.

She spent months on the roads and riverways of the River Kingdoms, a hard life for one so used to the city. While hitching a ride with a trade caravan headed north to Brevoy, the caravan was raided by the Stag Lord’s bandits and Arabella was taken prisoner. She charmed her way into the hearts of the bandits and they released her from physical, if not spiritual, bondage. She served the Stag Lord’s bandits until the heroes arrived and defeated the Stag Lord. Seeing her opportunity for a better life, she signed on with the heroes as a spymaster for the fledgling kingdom of the Choral Marches.


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