Hermit and Potionmaker


CN Male Human Adept 4


The Greenbelt can be a very dangerous place, but it’s seclusion is also a haven for some, including the eccentric hermit and potion-crafter, Bokken. Bokken has lived in the Stolen Lands as long as he can remember, and the isolation has had a profound effect on his social skills. He is as jittery as a nervous bird and his speech is short and clipped as if he is anxious to finish each conversation as soon as it starts. Truth be told, Bokken is not good with people, but he is skilled at mixing up potions from the natural ingredients of the Greenbelt.

Bokken dearly misses his mother, who it seems raised him and his brother alone in the Greenbelt. His brother, however, he has no lost love for. If any conversation goes on long enough, Bokken is sure to show off the missing pinky finger on his right hand, a scar he earned defending his mother when his brother last hit her. Only the dangers of the Greenbelt kept Bokken from seeking revenge on his brother, but he is not yet aware that the heroes encountered his brother not long ago and spared his life. No one is quite sure how Bokken would take that news.


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