Chief Sootscale

Chief of the Sootscale Kobolds


LE Male Kobold Rogue 4


Chief Sootscale is the current chief of the Sootscale kobolds, as the tribe’s name changes every time a new chief takes over. The tribe has lived in a silver mine in the hills of the Kamelands for decades, surviving clashes with bandits, mites, and trappers. It could be said that Chief Sootscale was good for his people, until the day his reign was usurped by a twisted gnome-turned-kobold sorcerer named Tartuk. Tartuk manipulated the Sootscale kobolds with lies and fear, eventually intending to destroy them out of a twisted sense of revenge.

When the heroes discovered Tartuk’s deception, Chief Sootscale joined them in defeating the sorcerer and returning control of the tribe to its chief. Since then, the Sootscale kobolds have engaged in an alliance with the Choral Marches, and with the kingdom’s assistance, the kobolds have restored the Oaktop Silver Mine and have started mining precious silver in trade with the kingdom. With the new silver wealth and the destruction of the nearby mite colony, the Sootscale kobolds are doing quite well and a very loyal to their chief.

Chief Sootscale

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