Former bandit


N Male Human Ranger 5


Cirio had been a bandit for a number of years, preying on travelers in the Greenbelt. Then one day his band tried to ambush a small party crossing the Gurdin River ford. Little did Cirio or the other bandits know that these were the heroes of the Choral Marches and the battle would not go in their favor. Cirio escaped, the lone survivor of his bandit band.

A skilled ranger, Cirio lived the next few months off the land, roaming throughout the Greenbelt. He did not seek vengeance for his fellow bandits; they were all men of questionable character that he was not particularly close to. However, he did miss his comfortable life as a bandit; stealing gold was a much more comfortable lifestyle than hunting and foraging in the wilderness. And so the search for a more comfortable existence brought him to Tatzlford and an introduction to Corax, head of the Logger’s Guild. Corax had a need for veteran woodsmen and warriors and when he heard of Cirio’s past with the heroes of the Choral Marches, it intrigued him even further. Today, Cirio is Corax’s right-hand man, helping to pave the way for Corax climb up the ladder of power.


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