Leader of the Logger's Guild, opposition to the crown


CN Male Human Ranger 6


Corax has always had more ambition than suited a simple logger. With the arrival of the heroes and the founding of Pourpos, Corax saw opportunity in a sudden need for lumber. Great amounts of lumber. He organized crews of men from wherever he could find them and struck out into the Narlmarches, emboldened to go into regions he didn’t previously dare. It was here that he ran afoul of the nixie Melianse, who charmed some of his crew after they cut down trees in her grove. The heroes came upon this disagreement and Corax quickly urged them to attack the nixie, who was an annoying fey standing in the way of progress and the kingdom. But to Corax’s surprise, the heroes sided with the nixie. Corax’s shock and anger was only subdued by the heroes promising him a valuable grove of cottonwoods located farther north. But even though the heroes made good on their promise and the grove was everything they said it was, Corax’s bitterness grew from a dark seed in his heart.

With the new grove came wealth and power, which Corax used to found the Logger’s Guild, an organization of loggers who also stood in defiance of dealings with the local fey. Part trade organization, part criminal syndicate, the Logger’s Guild has had numerous run-ins with the lawful authorities of the Choral Marches and they remain a thorn in the side of the kingdom. It has done nothing to slow Corax’s ambitions, however, and with the founding of Tatzlford near his groves, he has exerted considerable influence over that settlement, always in search of more opportunities to thwart the kingdom’s friendliness towards the fey.


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