Coswine Kath

Eccentric Craftsman of Exotic Oddities


CG Human Male Wizard 4
S: 11 I: 17 W: 12 D: 15 C: 11 Ch: 11

Suitable Appointments: Grand Diplomat, Magister, Marshal, Royal Enforcer, Spymaster, Treasurer

Preferred Appointments: Magister, Treasurer


Most commonly known as the strange, but kindly old man who owns the oddities shop, little is known of Coswine’s past before he came to Pourpos. He arrived in the town as part of a troupe of entertainers that he had traveled with for a number of years and surprisingly chose to settle down instead of carrying on with them after they concluded their performances in Pourpos. Of his life before the troupe, no one really knows and Coswine’s answers are typically vague and sometimes contradictory. Soon after settling in Pourpos, he opened a shop of marvelous oddities, many of them magical in nature. Though openly friendly, Coswine hardly ever leaves his shop and the adjoining house and spends much of his time in his own company, tinkering with some new creation or other.

Coswine Kath

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