Jhod Kavken

High Priest of the Choral Marches


NG Male Human Cleric of Erastil 4
S: 12 D: 12 C: 13 I: 11 W: 18 Ch: 14

Suitable Appointments: Councilor, High Priest, Marshal, Treasurer

Preferred Appointments: High Priest


Soon after the heroes of the Choral Marches defended Oleg’s Trading Post from a bandit raid, the traveling priest Jhod Kavken arrived and offered his aid. In truth, Jhod’s travels were not voluntarily, he was driven into exile by his priesthood. In his home village, he had encouraged the lynching of a traveler who was believed to be a werewolf, when in truth a worg was really the culprit. Fortunately for Jhod, the lynched man turned out to be a bandit spy eyeing the village for a potential raid, and so his investigating superiors sent him into exile instead of issuing a harsher punishment.

Jhod had been traveling since, leaving his home in Galt to go up the Sellen River to Numeria and eventually east into Brevoy. While in Brevoy, Jhod had a particularly vivid dream about a ruined temple to Erastil guarded by a massive bear. The next morning, he felt an unexplainable urge to travel south, and taking it as a sign from his god, he set off for the Greenbelt, stopping at Oleg’s Trading Post.

Jhod reluctantly told the heroes about his vision, which led them to the ruined temple in the Narlmarches. There they defeated the cursed bear guardian and the danger was lifted from the ruined temple. Jhod makes regular pilgramages to the temple to commune with Erastil and has taken it is a divine sign that he is to stay and help the heroes with their fledgling kingdom. In return, they have made Jhod the high priest of the Choral Marches, a position which has allowed him to spread the word of Erastil very effectively through the Greenbelt.

Jhod Kavken

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