Jubilost Narthropple

Explorer and Cartographer, Leader of the Narthropple Expedition


CN Male Gnome Expert 3 / Ranger 3
S: 8 D: 16 C: 14 I: 13 W: 14 Ch: 10

Suitable Appointments: Marshal, Royal Enforcer, Spymaster

Preferred Appointments: Marshal, Spymaster


Jubilost is something of a local celebrity in the region: a wealthy gnome explorer, maker of fine maps, and teller of wondrous tales. Though he spends much of his time out in the wilderness mapping new regions and gathering new stories, it is said that when he stays at a local inn, he always stays for free. In truth, his stories more than pay for his room and board, as they will draw in other travelers from miles away.

While it is certainly true that Jubilost is a skilled explorer, a talented cartographer, and an impressive storyteller, he is also arrogant and self-entitled. He can be easily insulted, even by the mere offense that someone does not know who he is, and he can throw a spectacular tantrum to make his insult clear to everyone nearby.

Of late, he has made it his mission to map the Greenbelt, though he has since learned that the heroes are exploring the same region. With too much money and time already invested in this mission, he is simply hoping to use their explorations to make his map-making easier, a shortcut he would never openly admit to anyone, of course.

Jubilost Narthropple

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