Nixie of the Narlmarches


Neutral Female Nixie Sorcerer 5


Melianse is a green-skinned nixie, an aquatic fey who guards a deep pool on the Skunk River. Shrouded in mist and dotted with lily pads, Melianse’s pool also stands at the center of a grove of valuable coachwood trees. Melianse has been living below the waters of this pool for centuries and did not take kindly to Corax’s loggers arriving and cutting down the trees around her grove. The standoff was eventually resolved by the heroes of the Choral Marches, but it was not without its cost. Though Melianse is grateful to the heroes and promises her aid, the heroes have made enemies of Corax and his loggers, who continue to plot against the crown from their guild in Tatzlford.


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