Sootscale Kobold, rescued from the Mites


LN Male Kobold Fighter 2


Mikmek was the lone survivor of a doomed Sootscale attack on the mite colony that had been plaguing the tribe. He was tortured and tormented for days by the cruel mites before the heroes of the Choral Marches rescued him and defeated the mites. Mikmek helped the heroes overthrow the sorcerer who had taken over the Sootscale tribe and in the process became a kobold hero. With Chief Sootscale’s leadership restored, Mikmek was made the leader of the kobold’s warriors, a distinguished honor that may eventually make him the next chieftain.

Mikmek has not forgotten that the heroes rescued him and it has changed his outlook on life. Less cruel than most kobolds, Mikmek focuses on order and authority among his kobold warriors. For now, these warriors simply guard the Oaktop Silver Mine, but Mikmek hopes one day to be able to commit his warriors to the aid of defending the Choral Marches from outside enemies.


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