Oal Kikrun

Famous Brewer of the Goldshine Mead


LG Male Dwarf Expert 3
S: 13 D: 8 C: 15 I: 15 W: 11 Ch: 15

Suitable Appointments: Councilor, General, Grand Diplomat, High Priest, Magister, Spymaster, Treasurer, Warden

Preferred Appointments: Councilor, Grand Diplomat


An unusually cheerful and open-minded dwarf, Oal has gained regional fame as the master brewer of Pourpos’ Goldshine Mead. Oal seems to have found his calling quite accidentally; he came to Pourpos when Pol sent messages back to Brunderton in Brevoy looking for dwarven craftsmen and miners. Oal discovered back home in Brunderton that he was neither a great craftsman nor a great miner and he traveled to Pourpos hoping to reinvent himself instead of living a mediocre life at home. He took up a surprising career as a beekeeper on an apiary in the Choral Marches and discovered he was quite good at it. From there, he cultivated the honey and branched out into brewing mead. After a few passable but not notable efforts, he developed the recipe for Goldshine Mead, which has become a hit. Not only is the golden honeywine a staple in every inn and tavern in the Choral Marches, but merchants from Pitax, Mivon, and Brevoy have brought casks of it back home.

Oal Kikrun

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