Pai of House Medvyed

The Witchfire Knight, Grand Diplomat of the Choral Marches


Lawful Good Female Gnome Paladin of Iomedae (Warrior of the Holy Light) 7


Pai has long stood between two worlds, the First World of the fey and the world of Brevic nobility. Discovered as an abandoned infant in the Gronzi Forest by nobles of House Medvyed who were out on a hunt, young Pai was adopted by a childless couple and raised in a setting of stoic virtue. The couple had long prayed to Iomedae for children and when the tiny gnome was delivered onto them, they raised her in the Church to prove their thanks to the goddess. But the precocious young gnome was too much of a handful for the priests, who soon turned her over to the order of knights who lived in service to the Light of the Sword.

Though she took to the knights’ training quickly, a world behind her world, the land of the fey, always beckoned. She would disappear into Gronzi Forest for days on end, listening to the whispers in the leafy shadows and searching for clues to her origins. Soon, her small world of the church and barracks was not enough for her; her wild heart yearned to see more. When word spread of Restov swordlords backing an exploration of the Stolen Lands, unclaimed wilderness rumored to be the home of unfettered fey, Pai signed up without a moment’s hesitation. Her adopted parents were heartbroken to see her go, but they knew that they could not keep Pai tied down. With a heart of wanderlust and a knight’s training, Pai joined the Heroes of the March and set out for the Stolen Lands.

Since setting out for the Stolen Lands, Pai and her companions have built the kingdom of the Choral Marches and brought some hard-fought stability to the Greenbelt. Pai has also discovered that through her devotion to Iomedae, the Light of the Sword, she is able to channel the goddess’ light through her body, becoming a divine beacon to her allies. While there have been other documented servants of Iomedae who can do this, Pai may be the only one through whom the divine light manifests as pale green witchfire. Local legend attests it to her fey origins and it has led to her local nickname as the Witchfire Knight.

Pai of House Medvyed

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