Magister of the Choral Marches, Bladebound Magus


Chaotic Good Male Half-Elf Bladebound Magus 7


When the elves fled Golarion before the coming of the apocalyptic Starstone, not all of their kind left. Some stayed behind out of an attachment to their wondrous civilization or perhaps out of a sense of duty to the other races and people of the world. Vaen’s father is a descendant of those brave, hardened elves who took care of what the rest of their people left behind. Cilmerun Galaethlal has been a caretaker of elven ruins and a recipient of ancient elven arcane knowledge carefully passed down through his line. However, his bond to Golarion and its varied people has left him an oddity and outcast to the returned elven kingdom of Kyonin. He has instead spent nearly two centuries wandering eastern Avistan and at times has settled in many foreign lands. It was during a stay in Restov that he met Wynne, a tough young human woman who had forced her way into the inclusive ranks of the Aldori Swordlords.

Wynne was not a noble, but her blacksmith father had taught her how to use a blade. She lived for swordsmanship and mastered many techniques before she even reached adulthood. She petitioned to join the Adori school repeatedly, and despite being refused a number of times, eventually the Swordlords could no longer turn a blind eye to her persistence and her talent. Studying under the masters of Restov, she learned the carefully guarded style of the Aldori dueling sword, and it was during these lessons in Restov that she met the world-weary elf named Cilmerun. Despite their vastly different backgrounds, they fell in love and were married within a year.

Vaen was raised in a household that prized knowledge, skill, and practice above all. From his father he was taught the arcane arts. From his mother, he learned to wield the Aldori blade. He came to appreciate the stories of elven ruins that his father told, the mysteries of the cities and towers that his elven ancestors had abandoned. Vaen was a quick study and a talented student of all his parents set before him, but he was not blind to the expectation his parents had that he forge his own destiny in the world. Both of his parents had overcome their own challenges through persistence and skill and it was expected that any child of theirs should do the same. At first, he thought his future might lie with the Restov revolutionaries that were protesting Issian rule. And though he met another determined young firebrand within their ranks named Erzebet, he came to realize that politics was not his aim. But when he heard that the Swordlords were funding an expedition into the Stolen Lands, a wilderness region dotted with ancient ruins and rumored fey magic, he could hardly refuse the chance.

Since signing up with the Heroes of the March and setting out into the Stolen Lands, Vaen has begun to suspect that fate had determined this path for him all along. In a ruin that dates back much farther than the priests of Erastil that had used it as a temple, he was led to blade hidden beneath a pool, a blade so finely wrought that it reveals its elven make. The blade has reached out to him in dreams, seeming to indicate that it has waited for his arrival. And such has been his training that the blade not only perfectly compliments his Aldori fighting style, but it also channels his arcane energies with ease. Vaen hardly believes this to be a coincidence, but so far he has been unable to determine the origins of the mysterious sword.


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