An Untamed Frontier Awaits…

It has been more than a decade since the Vanishing, when all the scions of Choral the Conqueror disappeared from Brevoy, the nation he built from blood, steel, and dragonfire. Dissension grows between the northern Issians and the southern Rostlanders, threatening to rip the country in two.

To the south, the Stolen Lands remain an uncontrolled frontier littered by the ruins of those who have tried to rule it before. Wicked fey and desperate bandits carve out what small holds they can manage, but these lands have stubbornly cast off every crown for centuries.

The swordlords of Restov, seeking advantage should civil war grip Brevoy, have secretly financed the exploration and colonization of the Stolen Lands. They have sent four companies into the wilderness to set the stage for annexation of the Stolen Lands and the bolstering of Rostland’s southern border.

One such company, a band of young adventurers, each outcasts at home, will finally come to learn they have a greater destiny at play. But in the process, they will also learn that a secret power stands in the shadows of the Stolen Lands and that it is no accident that these lands remain untamed.

Kingmaker: The Choral Marches

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