Erzebet "Betsy" the Lastblood

Baroness of the Choral Marches, lost bastard child of House Rogarvia


Chaotic Good Female Human Sorceress of an Imperious Bloodline 7


Born to an unmarried barmaid from a long line of servants and serfs, young Erzebet had no reason to believe the world had anything in store for her but a life of drudgery and servitude. She grew up mending linens, washing dishes, bussing tables, and eventually serving patrons at the Copper Cauldron Inn in New Stetven. But something was not right; deep in Erzebet’s heart she could feel that she deserved better. That she was born for something more than a barmaid’s life.

When Erzebet, then known by the Inn’s patrons as Betsy, was a budding maid, her mother came down with a deadly fever. During her delirious last days, Betsy’s mother at last told her of her father, whom she had never known. According to her dying mother, Betsy’s father was a young scion of House Rogarvia, one of the many who had disappeared a few years ago. That made Betsy a bastard daughter of Rogarvian blood, and since the Disappearance, the last known descendant of Choral the Conquerer. Betsy did not know whether she could believe the words of her fevered mother, but when her mother succumbed to the illness, Betsy hungered with curiosity about the possibility.

Between serving patrons at the Copper Cauldron, Betsy badgered patrons for tales and stories, histories and fables of Brevoy and Choral the Conqueror. She borrowed books and read them by candlelight after the Inn’s common room closed up, trying desperately to discover all she could about her father and his house. With each tale she heard, the blood of Choral inside her began to stir, and she secretly desired to reclaim the lost legacy of House Rogarvia. When a drunken brat from House Surtova got overly friendly one night at the Inn, she had only mean to push him away, not light his tunic on fire with an innate burst of magic. She was equally surprised when she doused the flames by drenching him with water conjured from the air.

She left the Copper Cauldron that night and never came back, fearful for her life. The spoiled Surtovan would likely have her branded a witch or perhaps just simply beaten for making him a fool. Either way, Betsy was not going to stick around to find out. She hitched a ride with merchants headed to Restov and fell in with a few young Aldori firebrands preaching of revolution against House Surtova. When she heard of an effort to fund exploration and colonization of the Stolen Lands to the south, Betsy saw her opportunity. The wilderness of the Stolen Lands was the perfect place to found a kingdom in Choral’s name and take back what rightfully belonged to her lost people.

Nobles in Brevoy have watched the growth of the Choral Marches carefully, though they believe Erzebet’s claims of Rogarvian blood to be nothing more than baseless boasts. To strengthen her claims, Erzebet has devoted considerable resources in the town of Pourpos to chronicling and researching the history of the region. And while she leaves most of the day-to-day ruling of the kingdom to her council of advisers, she has seen her power grow as she gets increasingly comfortable with the legacy of a conqueror’s bloodline.

Erzebet "Betsy" the Lastblood

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