Kesten Garess

General of the Choral Marches


CN Male Human Fighter 5
S: 17 D: 12 C: 16 I: 10 W: 9 Ch: 12

Suitable Appointments: General, Royal Enforcer, Warden

Preferred Appointments: General, Warden


The son of a cousin of the Garess family patriarch, Kesten was destined for a life of ease, if not particular noble authority. His early years were pampered and spoiled; he learned to ride and use a sword, but depended on servants for all of his daily chores. His parents, not satisfied with living on the edge of the Garess noble court, always expected an image of perfection from Kesten and his siblings; no faults could mar their image in the Garess family line.

So when the public learned of Kesten’s affair with a lowborn weaver’s daughter named Tania, Kesten’s father was furious. Suddenly this branch of the Garess family was known for little more than frolicking with married peasants. Kesten was disowned in an attempt to save the family image and the disgraced noble fled to Restov to become a mercenary, hoping he could carve out a name for himself using the only skills he had ever learned. At worst, he figured, he would die a noble death at the hands of some bandit or monster.

When the heroes founded Pourpos on the site of the former Stag Lord’s fort, Kesten saw an opportunity. He and his most trustworthy mercenary soldiers raced to Pourpos and volunteered to defend it at below their usual rate, hoping to establish themselves in the newly-founded colony. They defended the village when the heroes were off exploring the Greenbelt, and as Pourpos grew from a village to a large town, its reliance on Kesten and his men become stronger. In due course, the heroes named Kesten the General of the armies of Choral Marches and his men his first commanders. In truth, this appointment is mostly an empty title at present, since the Choral Marches has no standing armies, but Kesten is proud of it nonetheless and suspects that it is only a matter of time before men must be mustered and armies brought to bear to defend the new nation.

Kesten Garess

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