Malgorzata Niska

Cleric of Gyronna, Royal Enforcer for the Choral Marches


CE Female Human Cleric of Gyronna 5
S: 12 D: 14 C: 14 I: 10 W: 17 Ch: 14

Suitable Appointments: Councilor, Grand Diplomat, High Priest, Magister, Marshal, Royal Enforcer, Spymaster, Treasurer

Preferred Appointments: Councilor, High Priest, Royal Enforcer, Spymaster


The earthly matron known as Malgorzata Niska has walked a dark and dangerous path. She hardly remembers her family; she was part of a caravan that was raided by bandits when she was a young girl. Her family was killed and she was taken prisoner by the bandits, perhaps the worse fate. Kept in chains and raped repeatedly by the bandits, they believed she was broken and traded her as a commodity from one bandit camp to another. What they did not know, however, was that in Malgorzata’s quiet moments, the hag-goddess Gyronna whispered to her, promising her ways to take her vengeance upon the men who mistreated her.

A number of Malgorzata’s tormentors found themselves suffering terrible-and often fatal-streaks of bad luck. One fell from the parapets of the fort, impaled upon a newly-carved wooden stake. Another’s blade shattered while in combat with an adventurer. Yet another was bitten by a rare poisonous river snake and was dead within minutes. Malgorzata was not free, but Gyronna had shown her the way to exact some vengeance and establish some quiet power.

When the heroes defeated the Stag Lord, Malgorzata was free for the first time. Initially unsure what to do with her freedom, she stayed at the site of the fort, which eventually became the town of Pourpos. She found herself helping many of the other hurt women left behind in the Stag Lord’s defeat and fell into the role of a midwife in the town. But all the while, she still spoke to Gyronna, who she felt she owed her life to.

Alongside her life as a midwife, Malgorzata also founded a small, secret following to Gyronna in Pourpos. But Gyronna continued to whisper to her, promising her that more power and influence was to come. And so when the heroes discovered her cult and captured her, she bargained her way into the position of the kingdom’s Royal Enforcer. From there, she can mete out vengeance against the kingdom’s enemies, a skill she has been honing her entire life.

Malgorzata Niska

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