Mayvillia "May" Esthelyn

Archery Drill Instructor at the Pourpos Barracks


True Neutral Female Half-Elf Ranger 4
S: 12 I: 9 W: 11 D: 19 C: 16 Ch: 8

Suitable Appointments: Marshal, Royal Enforcer, Spymaster, Warden

Preferred Appointments: Marshal, Royal Enforcer, Warden


May’s stern instruction is responsible for transforming green militia volunteers into capable archery companies. May had been an adventurer in the Greenbelt long before the Choral Marches was founded, largely battling the bandits in the region on behalf of grateful merchants and explorers. A serious arrow wound to the knee ended her adventuring career and has left her with a noticeable limp, but she is every bit the dead-eye archer she always has been. These days she makes her living as a drill instructor for the Pourpos militia, training recruits how to use the fine bows and arrows the kingdom produces. Deep down, she enjoys this work, though you would never know it. Her usual reserved demeanor has gained a caustic edge since her injury, making her abrasive and blunt.

A half-elf, May’s parents were split before she was even born. Her mother, who raised her, lives in Pourpos and May takes care of her in her elderly years. May knows little about her father, except that he lives in the camp of elven exiles near the border with Mivon.

Mayvillia "May" Esthelyn

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