Capital of the Choral Marches (Small City, Population: 5,250)
Corruption: + 0, Crime + 0, Law + 2, Lore + 3 (+ 5 for Knowledge: History), Productivity: + 5, Society + 3

Founded on the first day of Desnus (May) in the year 4711 Absolom Reckoning, Pourpos is the capital and first settlement of the independent barony of the Choral Marches. Located on the north banks of the Tuskwater and bordered on the east by the Shrike River, Pourpos is well situated to become a thriving trade port between Brevoy and the River Kingdoms. Built on a hill overlooking the town, atop the former site of the Stag Lord’s fort, the Castle of the March is the seat of the kingdom’s rulers, Erzebet the Lastblood and her Grand Council.

Pourpos’ economy is built largely on lumber and woodworking. Lumber is floated downriver from the Narlmarches and processed in Pourpos’ mill. Much of the lumber is shipped elsewhere as building material or used to build furniture, but some is used locally to make bows and arrows of fine quality that Pourpos has become known for. Indeed, the militia forces of the Choral Marches are primarily trained in archery because such fine weapons are widely available. More recently, Pourpos has also become well-known for its Goldshine Mead, brewed from local honey by the mead brewmaster Oal Kikrun. Oal’s Goldshine mead has become so popular that it has spread to taverns in Pitax, Mivon, and Brevoy.

The citizens of Pourpos are largely quiet, insular, good-natured folks. They are a mix of local frontiersmen—trappers, hunters, and lumberjacks—and Rostlander refugees from the increasing troubles in Brevoy. Despite their rustic attitudes, Pourpos’ ruling Grand Council encourages record-keeping and education, with a particular focus on history. From its earliest days, the Pourpos Town Hall recorded deeds, events, births and deaths with unerring accuracy, until the hall was very recently destroyed by a massive and enraged owlbear. However, the Academy of Letters still stands, a school devoted to the history of eastern Avistan, particularly Brevoy and the River Kingdoms.

While the citizens of Pourpos are generally more pragmatic than religious, the two primary religions in the town are made up of followers of Erastil or Torag. Erastil is popular among the farmers and frontiersmen of Pourpos, while Torag is chiefly honored by Pourpos’ militia and craftsmen.

Notable Locations in Pourpos

Castle of the March
Academy of Letters
The Inn at March’s End
Coswine’s Craftery
Goldshine Meadery

Notable Personalities in Pourpos

Arabella – Spymaster of the Grand Council
Akiros Ismort – Captain of the Guard
Coswine Kath – Craftsman of Exotic Oddities
Erzebet “Betsy” the Lastblood – Baroness of the Choral Marches
Jhod Kavken – High Priest of Erastil
Kesten Garess – General of the Armies of the Choral Marches
Malgorzata Niska – Royal Enforcer of the Grand Council
Mayvillia “May” Esthelyn – Archery Drill Instructor for the Pourpos Barracks
Oleg Leveton – Treasurer of the Choral Marches
Oal Kikrun – Brewmaster of the Goldshine Mead
Pai of House Medvyed – Grand Diplomat of the Choral Marches
Polluck “Pol” Hammerhand – Marshal of the Choral Marches
Svetlana Leveton – Councilor of the People and Crown
Vaen – High Magister of the Choral Marches


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