The Choral Marches

NG Autocracy, Population: approximately 12,750 citizens

The independent barony of the Choral Marches was founded on the first day of Desnus (May) in the year 4711 Absolom Reckoning. Its creation was chartered with support from the Swordlords of Restov, who sought to secure their southern border and to secure new allies in a possible future confrontation with Issian loyalists in Brevoy. The pivotal moment in the foundation of the Choral Marches was the defeat of the Stag Lord, a murderous bandit leader operating in the Greenbelt. The first settlement in the Choral Marches, Pourpos, was founded upon the former site of the Stag Lord’s fort.

Within a year of its founding, the Choral Marches have grown to incorporate the plains north of the Tuskwater, as well as some of the tracks of rolling hills in the Kamelands and miles of untamed forest in the Narlmarches. The barony includes two settlements, the capital town of Pourpos and the town of Tatzlford, which was founded with support from the leaders of the Choral Marches and was peacefully annexed.

Officially, the Choral Marches is ruled by its baroness, Erzebet the Lastblood. However, Baroness Erzebet prefers to spend the majority of her time adventuring or researching her bloodline. She leaves most of the day-to-day rulership of the Choral Marches to her Grand Council.

The Choral Marches

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